» Dr. Padma Bhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam (1991)

In a performance where Sudha presented "Gajavadana" an invocation item on Ganesha, Guru Vempati said that Sudha has talent and all the attributes needed for a great artist and I wish her good luck.

» The Hindu (1991)

On the concluding day, Mrs. Bala performed along with her disciples. While Ms. Kalpana and Ms. Bhanu presented Endaromahanubhavulu -- one of Thyagaraja's Pancharatna Keertana, Jaganatha Rao presented Govardhanagiridhari. The impressive item was Tulasidas' Ramayana in which Divya & Sudha presented Sita Swayamvaram, Sitapaharan, and Rama Ravana Yudham.

» Enadu (1992)

The Sarada Dance and Music Academy brought out its second programme at Kalabharathi (Visakhapatnam) which got off a grand start by Ramachandra Murthy presenting the invocation Vinayakakoutvam. While the items Sivathandavam by the same artist and Bhamakalapam by Sarada Krishna Mohan were a demonstration os mastery in the nritta and natya. The all round excellence exhibited by Sudha in Manasasancharare was the highlight of the evening's programme. The nattuvangam by Bala Kondala Rao and the payback by B. Varahalu provided an excellent backdrop for the dance recital.

» Padmasri Vedantam Satyanarayana (1992)

Any character will be justified when the artist involves herself forgetting the surroundings and I see that in the Rukmini Character in Sri Krishna Parijatam portrayed by Kumari Sudha this evening.

» Telugu Association (1994)

Enchanting dance recital by Sudha Vadlamani in the presentation of Bhama Pravesam.

Presented by Telugu Association Of Greater Delaware Valley
2nd North America Telugu Cultural Committee.

» Padmabhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam & troupe. (1998)

Kuchipudi Kalanidhi Foundation & VCS Kuchipudi Art Foundation is pleased to present to Sudha Vadlamani in recognition of her participation and commendable performance in Kuchipudi Prathidhwani '1998' a dance -drama tour of the United States of America.

» The Executive Committee of the Hindu Center of Central .(1999)Virginia

We were treated to a scintillating lesson in Indain Classical Dance presented by two very talented exponents of this art form Ms. Sudha Vadlamani (Kuchipudi) & Ms. Uma Chetti (Bharata Natyam). Sudha practicing the Kuchipudi style of dancing presented Anandatandavam, Muddugare Yasoda, and Marakata (plate dance which is characteristic of Kuchipudi). To top of the evening, they joined together and performed a duet in Thillana choreographed by the two dancers themselves, keeping the originality of their dance styles. Our cultural experience ended with Mangalam. A breath taking performance by the two artists. An unusual event like this does not happen even in India where these styles originated. The most noteworthy aspect is that all the proceeds ($2,722) from this evening were donated to the Hindu Center. This is the first time in the history of our center where an event was organized and conducted by the artists and the proceeds donated to the Hindu Center. The Executive Committee of the Hindu Center of Central Virginia thanks the artist and other associations who cosponsored this unique event. Sudha and Uma have set precedence and challenge to others to help our Center.

» Manju Bhargavi (1992)

Sudha is a budding artist with great talent.

» Richmond Times Dispatch. (1999)

It's all in the eyes, hands and feet. Eyes are integral in Classical Indian Dance. Classical Indian Dance movements all detailed in one massive treatise.

» Unique Dance Company, Artistic Director Rasheeda Perry. (2009)

The movement that Sudha performed at our annual show was wonderful.  The audience enjoyed her presentation of the story behind the moment, which enhanced their experience.  The costuming was authentic, elaborate, and extremely beautiful, which only enhanced the experience.  The piece was energetic, intricate, and Sudha was able to express all of the emotion of the story through her brilliant facial expressions.


» Smt.A.B Bala Kondala Rao (2010)

I know Sudha from her child hood as a student of Kuchipudi Kalakshetram, Visakhapatnam. Now I see her as a teacher. She was a good performer and participated in numerous programs throughout India. Now, I see her work in choreographing Ramadasu Keerthana and I appreciate her work and effort by trying to understand the meaning, talam sense and ragam and her dedication to present the item with perfection. Good luck to Sudha.

» Guru Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma - Review about Students

Sindhura Vadlamani and Sneha Reddy both performed in the Ballet  Kumarasambham on November 1st 2009 in Richmond area. Both did justify to the roles as Apsarasas. They are good in looking and suitable for the role. Their performance was good.

» Anonymous - Review about Students

Sneha Reddy has such a joyous and expressive face & Sindhura Vadlamani has such a dignified and confidant demeanor in her dance.

» Hawk Talk (Pocahontas Middle School Newsletter) - Review about Students

Jason Sreedhar truly turns dancing into an art form, his endless dedication is clearly paying dividends.

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