There are 6 pAd’a BEd’amulu.  Please see the " Basis for Transliteration" tab for further help with transliteration used in the compilation of the  slokam.  It is our honest thought that as we progress, the students of "Sree Nrithya Siddhi School of Kuchipudi Dance" or any interested art lovers / students should be able to appreciate the significance / demonstration  of the pAd’a BEd’amulu mentioned below . As the students learn and get comfortable with the slokam below, we will go into the details of slokam's usage.  All updates will be posted on the web site. Honest feedback / suggestions are appreciated.


The nAtya saSt'ram by Dr.pONamgi srIrAma appArAvu. The nAtya saSt'ram of Barat'amuni Translated into English by A Board of Scholars.

  1. ud’Gattit’a: Stand on the fore part of the feet and then let the heel fall on the ground.
  2. SSamascYva: The feet are kept placed on an even floor.
  3. t’aT’Agrat’ala Samcarah: The heels are raised up. The big toe is projected forward and the other toes are kept bent.
  4. ancit’ah: The heels rest on the ground; the forepart of the feet is raised and the toes are kept spread.
  5. kuncit’a: The heels are all raised up, toes are all bent down and the middle of the feet too is bent.
  6. SucI pAdah: The feet (right or left) with its heel raised an the big toe touching (pointing) the floor.

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