Mission and Vision:
  • Propagate the Kuchipudi Style Dance Art Form in and around Richmond, VA
  • Impart critical aspects of Kuchipudi Dance to young and budding artists of all ages from five.
  • Help students understand the significance of Indian Mythology and its depiction of various episodes, dance dramas and solo items through this dance art form.
  • Develop in each child or student the love or interest of learning, ability to understand the basic / intermediate / advanced levels of Kuchipudi Dance.
  • Conduct summer camps with the help of renowned teachers in this art form from India.

Sree Nrithya Siddhi School of Kuchipudi Dance

Sudha drew the inspiration to teach students with the suggestion and blessings from Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam in 2000 and taught 3 students (Jason Sreedhar, Suravi Sarcar and Sohini Sarcar) interested in this art form since then. However, she officially registered Sree Nrithya Siddhi School of Kuchipudi Dance, L.L.C. as a Dance Company at Richmond, VA under the guidance of Guru Sri Hari Rama Murthy in the year 2009. It was established to promote the appreciation for the fine elements of this classical art form. The idea is to promote and practice by teaching kids in Richmond and surrounding areas the fine elements of this glorious classical art form from the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. In keeping with this mission, Sudha Vadlamani conducts the classes to help basic, intermediate, and advanced level students gain the knowledge and greater skills in Kuchipudi.

In addition, The Sree Nrithya Siddhi School of Kuchipudi Dance plans to conduct summer camps led by teachers coming from India, whenever an opportunity is presented. After registration, the School sponsored the world renowned Guru Hari Rama Murthy to conduct summer workshop in 2009 and provide dancers in Richmond, VA with an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and skills in a manner native to the more traditional forms of teaching. The objective is that the dancers will gain a renewed perspective on Kuchipudi as a divine art form and deeper understanding of its underlying principles.

Propagate the art form to all levels of students.
  • Open to students of all ages from 5.
  • Workshop (in the summers) hours between 9 am - 4 pm (Monday through Friday) and Evenings 6.30 pm through 9pm
  • Includes dance / theory / music components of Kuchipudi Art Form
  • Instructions in Basic / Intermediate / Advanced Level to meet varying degrees of requirements
  • Provide opportunity for very educative and enriching experience


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