Kuchipudi, one of India's eight (Kathakali / Mohini Attam / Bharata Natyam / Kuchipudi / Odissi / Kathak / Manipuri / Sattriya) main classical dance forms, is a centuries old art form that derives its name from a village in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Sangeet Natak Academy of India currently confers classical status on these eight Indian dance styles. Kuchipudi combines fast rhythms and fluid movements creating a nice blend of control and abandon, strength and delicacy.

The history of Kuchipudi dance can be traced to 2nd century B.C. But it was only in the 14th century A.D., that the dance form became widely popular through the dance dramas of the legendary Siddhendra Yogi - a learned and religious poet who composed verses and choreographed dances in praise of Lord Krishna. Siddhedra yogi confined Kuchipudi to only male brahmins since he believed that women might embellish sentiments which will dispel Kuchipudi from its spiritual tone. As such, Kuchipudi dance became an all male oriented and female roles were also played by men. Indian Classical dances strictly adhere to the principles and rules laid down by Bharata Muni in his Natyashastra ages ago.

Subsequently, following years of neglect, Kuchipudi witnessed a dramatic revival after India's independence. Its present form is the result of the new vision of such great gurus as the late Vedantam Laxminarayana Sastry and Padma Bhushan Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam. Guru late Vedantam Laxminarayana Sastry a distinguished maestro in the field paved the way for revolutionary changes by introducing women in to the Kuchipudi dance field. Formal training was imparted to women which gave the style the much-needed drive. Solo items were choreographed, compositions of eminent poets were included, dancing with the feet settled on rims of a brass plate became popular. While other Kuchipudi maestro's like Chinta Krishna Murthy and Tadepalli Perayya contributed a lot to the further development of Kuchipudi, it was Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam who brought worldwide recognition to this unique art form.

Dr. Vempati choreographed several solo items and added many more dance dramas, with the assistance of his able disciples like Smt A.B. Bala Kondala Rao, Sri Hari Ramamurthy and others, thus leaving Kuchipudi on a very high dais in the world of Art. Kuchipudi as a dance form has gone through a complete transition from the times where men played female roles to the point where women even play male roles sometimes as needed. Kuchipudi has evloved today into a solo dance form, and the inclusion of women dancers has gained greater prominence. Guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam's choreography is known for its creativity, polish, refinement and complexity.

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